Monday, November 22, 2010


Winter seems to be creeping in early this year. I love quiet winter mornings. Soft clouds blanket the sky, threaded with color as the sun quietly rises behind their warmth. It beckons me to slow down, to stop and rest. Winter is a season of rest. Though it is often harsh and barren it is a much needed time of pruning and restoration for the fruit bearing seasons of spring and summer.

Like the earth, our spiritual lives go through seasons. Though winter is often much harsher than the other seasons, it is vital for us to be thriving and fruit bearing for the Kingdom. I was reminded of this, this morning as I enjoyed a quiet early winter morning. Despite the barreness and ugliness that often surrounds winter, I find that I am drawn to the beauty of it. The beauty is not is what is seen, but in the closeness of the Father, tending to the soil of our hearts, restoring, pruning, preparing us for the beautiful Spring. So snuggle up with the Father during your long harsh winters, let Him have His way with you for there is always the promise of spring!

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