Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love and Serve

God has been messing up my heart in many ways these past few months.

I thought I loved people well. I don't.

I realized my attitude towards a co-worker was not right. First, the Lord showed me that I needed to stop talking about her when she frustrated me. I was doing good with that...then He showed me that really loving her would be not even having the thoughts of frustration and negativity. So we're doing good with that...then He said, well that's good but now I want you to care about her and her story. WHOA! Ok, I've stopped talking/thinking negatively about her and now I'm supposed to be her friend! Well, as soon as I began to care about her story a release of compassion flooded my heart.

I have found recently that in the most unusual situations I am concerned about someones story. Do they know Jesus? Do they need some hope?

Most recently this occurred while in a restaurant with my family. There was a lady sitting at the table next to me rolling the silverware. I began to wonder about her family, her story, did she have the hope of Jesus? Then I became so overwhelmed as I realized, no matter what her story was, her job was to serve me. She took a job rolling silverware to serve me. I am still getting over that moment of humility.

I have continued to ponder this moment, thinking about how often I am served on a daily basis compared to how often I serve.

The Lord is really sharpening the way I love people and the way I serve people. I am so thankful for His mercy and grace because I need it desperately everyday to love and serve those around me.

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