Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Glory of it All

Five letters...grace

a gift to redeem and accept us into the family of God; to conform us into His likeness for all eternity.

The story of God that is unfolding before me has left me awestruck. As I pondered His purpose...His Glory...my heart was overwhelmed as I sat amazed that I had the privilage to be a part of it. I have not and cannot do a single thing to be worthy of this grace that has been lavished upon me...a sinner transformed into a vessel for His Glory.

This was a recent journal entry of mine as I reflected on His purpose...His Glory.

"The Glory of God is the redemptive work (process; not made complete until Heaven) in the life of the believer. It (the Glory of God) is in the life and death of Jesus Christ redeeming us. The purpose of the life of the believer is to reflect and bring Him glory through the redemptive work in our life. My life should reflect His glory if Jesus is truly having His way with me. It will be subtle and subconscience; not of my own effort. I will not even be fully aware of all that He has done through me. I must be as passionate about His glory as He is. My life is to be a museum of His Glory- His beautiful redemptive masterpiece in our life."

I often get overwhelmed wondering if I am doing "enough" for the Kingdom. As I sat with Jesus and shared my heart; He spoke some words gently that He had taught me long ago..."by grace for glory" (thank you matt and april dean). Those words resonate in my heart and set me free knowing every breath I breath is for His glory even in the mundane. He reminded me that He is the one doing the work in and through me. Yes, I must be obedient and submit to the process. However, the fruit that my life will bear will not come from my own effort. A tree does not will itself to bear fruit; it bears fruit because it was created to do so and as long as it is recieving life it will bear life giving fruit! I love this picture! I know I have to be intentional and listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit; but it is so freeing to know that it is not I who is responsible for bearing enough fruit. I am called to be a new creation and allow my life to be a museum for His glory! (John 15)