Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have been sick for several weeks now. The other day I had a horrible sinus headache while I was at work. I was desperate for some relief! Thankfully someone came to my rescue with a sinus medicine. I took it knowing my pain would soon be gone...wrong. While the pain was dulled it did not go away completely for nearly two days.

The Lord used this little incident to give me some insight into my faith. I realized I had more faith in a pill...that I didn't know what was in it...who had put it together...I trusted someone, somewhere, who had promised taking that pill would relieve my pain...than I did in my Creator. My Creator, who knit me, who lives in me and knows the pain I am feeling and exactly what I need. I whole heartily believe that God has given us the wisdom to use medicine to heal our bodies but in putting so much of my faith in medicine I often lack faith in my Creator to still perform miracles and heal me...of even a sinus headache. It caused me to take a look at the things I am quick to trust and why I often waver in my faith of God, when I know He is faithful and will not allow something to come to me that ultimately won't bring Him Greater Glory!

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